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        22 . Sep

        RhinoShield x Jimmy Liao Phone Case

        The latest Don’t Blame Me, It’s Not My Fault phone case series was launched on 9/19.

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        22 . Aug

        Don’t Blame Me, It’s Not My Fault Stickers

        The full-screen stickers were launched on LINE on August 23.

      About Jimmy

      • Jimmy‘s talk

        My love is painting. I simply want to spend all of my time on it. The feeling is so strong that I don't feel burdened by all the hard work and pain of artistic creation.


      Brand Story

      Reading . Travel . Life

      Jimmy's oeuvre evolved into a brand with the intention of inviting people on an inner journey through reading and the imagination. Travel and aesthetic appreciation cultivate one's taste, which in tur


        Jimmy's Books

        • The Stars Are the Eyes of the Dark Night

          Dedicated to all those who encounter unbearable trauma in their lives.

        • Good morning, Baby Earth

          In continuation of Good night, Baby Earth, where the most touching stories and warmest voices will accompany your morning parent-child reading time.

        • The Dream and Reality of Picture Books

          Creativity must be constantly exercised over a long period of time to truly show its worth.

        • Best of Luck

          Luck is about being able to get back up once you fall, surviving unscathed in the face of doom, and believing that you are worthy of that luckiness.

        • Touching & Talking

          How I wish that I could touch heads with you every moment we are awake.

        • To Read or Not to Read, That Is My Question

          Adults can't find time to read, and children can't find a reason not to read. Maybe it's time to rethink how we approach reading.

        • The 20th Anniversary Collection of Jimmy Liao

          This book is a collection of Jimmy Liao's works over the past twenty years. 50 feature illustrations included.

        • Kiss & Goodbye

          This long-form piece was created by Jimmy Liao for the 2015 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in Niigata, Japan.

        • Thank You, Furry Bunny, for a Wonderful Afternoon

          Real yet unreal. Quiet and sweet. May children and adults alike find their happy memories in this book.

        • The Blue Stone

          Strong faith can stand up to any number of challenges, a metaphor for the many separations in life. The stone kept fracturing into smaller pieces yet remained ever-faithful.

        • Secrets in the Woods

          On a Wednesday afternoon, the wind blew the curtains open; Furry Bunny came for a visit. The shy little girl was invited to frolic in the dream of dreams...

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        • Public Welfare Projects
        • Danhai Light Rail Green Mountain Line Concept Album

          This album is inspired by the public art of the Danhai Light Rail, with a newly composed theme song and five selected pieces


        • The Rainbow of Time Musical Soundtrack

          The human memory is like a movie theater.



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        Travel is not just seeing
        the sights

        More surprises await you...

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